Thinking Outside the Kitchen

Thinking Outside the Kitchen

Kilkenny_People_Highbank_PhotoAs the new season arrives, Chefs are faced with the challenge of redesigning their menus and reinventing their dishes to embrace what the summer produce has in store for them. This can be testing for those wishing to make the most of the many ingredients on offer, however Rory Nolan, the head Chef of Anocht restaurant decided to take a new approach outside the kitchen this month to seek advice and inspiration from a visit to those who know the ingredients best, local suppliers.

Along with the director of Anocht, Kathleen Moran, Rory took the opportunity to visit Highbank Orchards last week, to do a spot of research for our new menu. Kathleen was delighted to see such growth and diversity emerging amongst the products becoming available from a local and loyal supplier.

“We have worked with Julie & Rod for quite some time and we are thrilled to be given the opportunity to be the first to taste some of their new products. They really are unique to Kilkenny and allow us to offer our customers a unique menu that showcases the passion and skills of our suppliers”

Kilkenny Design Centre has worked very closely with Julie and Rod Calderpott from Highbank Orchards for the past number of years and as a result, when Anocht launched it’s first menu in 2012, collaborating with the duo as a supplier was a no-brainer. Now four years later, with the help of Rory, the relationship between Anocht and Highbank Orchards has flourished, and after his visit to the Orchards it’s safe to say that Highbank Orchards products will remain a firm favorite on the menus in Anocht.

Anocht’s trademark starter of Prawn & Crabmeat with local Highbank Syrup will feature on our new menu, but this time with a creative new twist from Rory and his team. The menu will also now showcase a beautiful smooth Highbank Brandy selected by Rory with help from Julie and Rod, which will be subtly incorporated into a delicate chocolate dessert.

Anocht will also be welcoming the addition of Highbank Orchard’s Crystal Gin served over ice with fresh cucumber from our fully licensed bar, so if dessert isn’t for you there is always the cocktail menu with digestif options available.

Anocht is open from 5.30pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Bank Holiday Sunday. Our Early Bird Menu is available each evening until various times but starting this week you can enjoy our early bird until 7.30pm every Thursday.

If you would like to make a booking request a reservation or call us on 0567722118.


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